IBA2024 Student Sponsorship Awards

The International Battery Materials Association Annual Meeting 2024 (IBA2024) is pleased to announce that it will be offering 10 Student Sponsorship Awards to help students attend IBA2024.

These awards will consist of complimentary registration for the awardees and a reception during the annual meeting hosted by the sponsor of these awards.

These awards are open to any registered students who wish to submit a self-nomination.

During the registration process, you will be asked if you are interested in submitting a self-nomination. By selecting the check box, you will be asked for all the necessary information and have the ability to upload the needed documents.

Required self -nomination information:

  1. Applicant’s curriculum vitae
  2. Record of applicant’s achievements (e.g., publications, technical presentations, patents)
  3. Statement describing relationship of applicant’s research to field of electrochemical energy storage (limited to one (1) double-spaced typewritten page)
  4. Photo of both sides of a current Student ID

Deadline for self-nominations:             June 15, 204

Awards winners notification date:     July 28, 2024.

Please note to apply for a Student Award, registration fees must be received in full. All awardees of these Travel Awards will be refunded their registration fees paid.

Thanks to our generous sponsor for the financial support for the Student Sponsorships: